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  • Red Oil-based Colouring for White Chocolate Fountains

Red Oil-based Colouring for White Chocolate Fountains

It's not always brown and white! Add Red Chocolate Colouring Dye to your White Chocolate to create a curtain of beautifully coloured Fondue. Colour Dye or Colouring Oil can be adjusted to obtain deep or pastel hues. Perfect for holidays and themed events.

Quantity Required
It really depends on the colour you are trying to achieve. If you want a soft pink for example you may only need to add 1/3 of the 2oz bottle to get the desired color for 10Kg of Chocolate. However if you want a vibrant red or blue you may need to add 3-4 bottles to get the desired colour. When multiple bottles are added, vegetable oil or cocoa butter most likely will need to be added as the colouring will thicken the White Chocolate.
2oz flip-top bottle creates either a pale or deep, rich colour.

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