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Mona Lisa Choco Cool Cooling Spray

SKU: CFW-ACC-21466-999
List Price: £28.99
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Mona Lisa Choco Cool Cooling Spray is a quick-cool, food-grade aerosol spray is an essential tool for culinary professionals and home cooks, designed to speed up the cooling process of chocolate and allow seamless transition between modelling stages. Its use isn't limited to chocolate – it can also be used on a variety of gels and other liquids to accelerate their setting process. This product ensures increased efficiency and productivity, all the while maintaining the quality, taste, and integrity of your ingredients. With this aerosol spray, you command time, helping your creativity to flow without barriers.

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For culinary professionals and passionate home cooks alike, time is a key ingredient. Balancing precision and efficiency can often be a challenging act, but with our Mona Lisa Choco Cool quick-cool, food-grade aerosol spray, we're making it a whole lot easier. Specially designed to expedite the cooling process of chocolate, this aerosol spray is an absolute game-changer. 


No longer will you need to wait for the chocolate to set naturally, often leading to delays and interruptions in the creative process. Now, you can sculpt, mould, and create with chocolate with a newfound fluidity, moving seamlessly between modelling stages without losing precious time. But the magic of our quick-cool aerosol spray doesn't stop at chocolate. You can also use it on a wide range of gels and other liquids to accelerate their set. 


From creating stunning dessert garnishes to shaping delicate culinary elements, this spray simplifies processes, amplifying your efficiency and productivity. This product is not only quick but also food-grade, guaranteeing its safety and suitability for all your culinary needs. It delivers rapid results without compromising the quality, taste, or integrity of your ingredients. The world of gourmet artistry is often a race against time, but with our quick-cool, food-grade aerosol spray, you're always one step ahead. 


So why wait for nature to take its course when you can command time at your fingertips? Increase your pace, hone your craft, and let your creativity flow without barriers. In the realm of culinary creation, every second counts. Make them matter with Mona Lisa Choco Cool aerosol spray.

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