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  • Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan - 15cm

Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan - 15cm

The Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan excels at both cooking and warming food. Paired with the cool, elegant maple wood board, this dynamic duo will help you serve up your treats with style.

Versatility with the Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan: This mini skillet is a kitchen workhorse, ready to tackle a wide range of dishes. From baking individual cookies to searing steaks and sautéing vegetables, it offers exceptional heat retention and even distribution. The seasoned cast iron surface imparts a delightful rustic flavor to your food, making every dish a culinary masterpiece.

Perfectly Baked Cookies: Imagine the joy of pulling freshly baked cookies from this skillet. The even heat distribution ensures that each cookie is golden brown and irresistibly chewy on the inside. Whether it's classic chocolate chip or indulgent double chocolate, this skillet delivers cookie perfection.

Serving Elegance with the Maple Wood Board: The cool and elegant maple wood board is more than just a serving platter; it's a canvas for culinary presentation. Its natural beauty enhances the visual appeal of your dishes while providing a sturdy base for serving.

Versatile Serving Options: Pair your warm, freshly baked cookies from the skillet with a scoop of ice cream or a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce on the maple wood board. The contrasting textures and temperatures create a sensory delight for your guests.

Beyond Cookies: Don't limit yourself to cookies alone. Use the Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan to prepare small portions of casseroles, frittatas, or even mini pizzas. Then, let the maple wood board be the stage where you present these delectable creations.

A Culinary Experience to Remember: Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or treating yourself to a solo culinary adventure, the Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan and maple wood board combination will help you craft memorable dining experiences. It's a testament to the joy of cooking and sharing delicious food with loved ones.

In conclusion, this duo of the Cast Iron Skillet Mini Cookie Pan and the maple wood board is more than just kitchen equipment; it's an invitation to explore your culinary passions, create delectable treats, and present them with elegance. Embrace the possibilities, and let your kitchen adventures begin!

Capacity: 185ML
Colour: Black
Material: Cast Iron,Maple Wood
Size: 15.000 x 20.000 x 3.000
Care and use: Handwash only
Do not soak
Board is wipe clean only
Pan is oven safe to 250°C / 482°F

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