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  • Sephra Double Cone Holder - For Waffle Cones, Ice Cream Cones and Bubble Waffle Pockets

Sephra Double Cone Holder - For Waffle Cones, Ice Cream Cones and Bubble Waffle Pockets

Introducing the Sephra Double Cone Holder, a must-have for any professional kitchen or dessert parlour. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this sturdy and stylish metal cuboid is designed to securely hold two ice cream or waffle cones, making it ideal for serving up your delicious creations. Proudly featuring the Sephra logo, it not only offers practical use but also adds a touch of elegance to your establishment.

The Sephra Double Cone Holder measures 225mm wide, 115mm deep, and 70mm high, making it the perfect size for various setups, from bustling restaurant kitchens to vibrant ice cream parlours. The hygienic and convenient design allows customers to easily take their cones from the holder, eliminating the awkwardness of passing and reducing the risk of dropping. Whether you are displaying your treats or using the holder to add toppings, this versatile tool enhances the overall experience for both your staff and customers.

Designed with functionality in mind, the top circle of the holder is approximately 35mm in diameter, with a smaller 15mm diameter circle positioned 45mm down to provide additional support and stability for the cones. This ensures that your cones remain upright and secure, ready for your creative toppings and delicious fillings.

Upgrade your serving process with the Sephra Double Cone Holder, and see how this practical yet stylish piece of equipment can improve efficiency and presentation in your business. Ideal for restaurants, markets, kiosks, and dessert parlours, this cone holder is the perfect addition to any commercial setting, helping you serve with confidence and flair.

Product Approximate Weight:

Product Approximate Dimensions:
225mm x 115mm x 70mm

1 x Sephra Double Cone Holder (Stand Only - No Cones, Pockets, Etc Included)

2 x Waffle Cones or Ice Cream Cones or Bubble Waffle Pockets

Stainless Steel

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