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  • Flossine Boo Blue 1lb Jar

Flossine Boo Blue 1lb Jar

Mix thoroughly and it's ready to use. Flossine® has been a favourite of professional Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) operators since it was introduced in 1948. Flossine® absolutely will not clog the ribbon heating elements. Flossine® gives your Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) the proper look, the proper aroma, and a great taste in every flavour! Be sure to change colours every time you fill the Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) head. A variety of colours are available. Flossine Boo Blue is packed in 1lb jars.
Flossine Candy Floss flavouring is available in the following: Banana Bonanza*, , Bubble Gum Pink*, Cherry Red*, Green Watermelon*, Hot Cinnamon*, , Leapin' Lime*, O-Jay Orange*, Pina Colada (Pineapple)*, Pina Colada (Pink)*, Sassy Green Apple*, , Sizzlin' Lemon (Lemon Yellow)*, Spookie Fruiti* and Wacky Watermelon*. 

* We no longer hold these flavours in stock. These can still be ordered as special order items in full cases of 12 tubs. Subject to varied costs and longer lead times due to being shipped in specially. Full payment required upfront. Email us for further information at info@cfw.co.uk.

Halal Certification
This product has been approved and certified as Halal compliant under ISA (Islamic Services of America) and in accordance with Islamic Law.
Click to view the Gold Medal Halal approved certificate.

Candy Floss Information

Candy Floss (Cotton Candy), long criticized for its empty calories, may be redeeming itself within the medical community because it could aid in regrowing human tissue. Researchers at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell University noticed how the size and arrangement of Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) filaments mimicked that of the capillary system. Now, the researchers are using this idea to develop a synthetic flesh that could be implanted to supply blood to damaged tissue.

Nutritionally speaking, the sugars in Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) are simple carbohydrates, so they supply your body nothing but -- just pure energy. Like all calories, they can contribute to weight gain, but on the other hand, a standard serving of Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) contains far less sugar than one can of a regular : one teaspoon of sugar versus 12.

Flavour: Flossine Boo Blue
Volume: 1lb Jar
Colour: Blue

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