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  • Trolley for 11Kg Tabletop Tempering Machine

Trolley for 11Kg Tabletop Tempering Machine

Trolley for Sephra's Chocotemper Top-11

Sephra's innovative , with a capacity of 11Kg, is ideal for Bakeries, Ice Cream Parlours, Hotels and Restaurants. Its compact size and compliance with the same high standard of the larger size chocolate tempering machines makes Chocotemper Top-11 suitable for any laboratory.

Sephra's , guarantees a constant flow of chocolate and a perfect union of the crystals.

Sephra's has touch-screen technology that allows you to have full control over the processing of the chocolate. The solid structure of Sephra's Chocotemper Top-11 and stainless steel auger conveyor ensures maximum solidity and efficiency.

Sephra's melts the chocolate inside the 11Kg heated tank while the cooling of the chocolate takes place in the auger screw through the use of refrigerant gas. Sephra's is equipped with an electronic pedal to dispense the correct amount of chocolate into the moulds and two separate engines for the tank and the auger conveyor, standby mode for keeping the chocolate melted through the night, auger conveyor release, reverse direction of the auger conveyor for optimal emptying of the machine, assisted shutdown in order to stop the Tabletop Tempering Machine correctly and the ability to save programs for each type of chocolate.

Sephra's can be supplied with an optional vibrating tabletop bench for Chocolate moulds.

Dimensions: 55x50x60h cm
Weight: 21 Kg
Code: 14.1.TRCT

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