32oz Fifo Bottle

Introducing the 32oz FIFO Bottle – Your Ultimate Dispensing Solution for Precise Food Rotation and Condiment Dispensing! Whether you're preparing Waffles, Crepes, Pancakes, or other 'Add Water Only' Mixes, this bottle is a game-changer.

🌟 Industry Gold Standard: FIFO BOTTLE™ sets the benchmark for bottom dispensing, recognized as the pinnacle of squeeze bottle technology for bustling restaurants.
🍔 Versatile Dispensing: Perfect for ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and a wide array of condiments.
🔄 First in, First Out: Ensure impeccable food rotation with FIFO BOTTLE™'s bottom dispensing design.
⏩ Swift Dispensing: Gravity effortlessly guides sauce towards the valve, eliminating the need to bang bottles on the counter and ensuring instant sauce readiness.
🌊 Reduce Waste: Bottom dispensing minimizes sauce wastage – no more leftover sauce!
🧽 Easy Maintenance: Dual openings facilitate effortless cleaning.
✅ NSF Certified: Complies with the highest food safety standards.
🛠️ Customisable: Explore our full range of components to create your ideal condiment dispenser.

Plastic bottle & cap graduated

Capacity: 32oz / 946ml

Dimensions: Diameter - 3.42” (87mm), Height - 8.03” (204mm)

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