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Callebaut Sundae Parlour


To make additional profit offer customers extra toppings for 50p each to create their own personalised Callebaut Sundae Parlour Recipe.

Ingredients Preparation
20ml Whipping Cream
25g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate - Recipe N° 811

Place in a small bowl and heat in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds until you have a smooth, creamy Chocolate Sauce. 
Place the bowl in cold water to reduce the temperate of mixture. 
Pour half the sauce round the inside of the sundae glass.

1 Spoon(s) Chocolate Ice Cream

Place into the glass

1 Piece(s) Brownies
2 Piece(s) Diced Strawberries
1 Piece(s) Chocolate Chip Cookie(s)
Crumble and place half into the glass
1 Spoon(s) Vanilla Ice Cream Place into the glass 
  Approximate cost to make: £1.48
Suggested selling price £5.50
Profit opportunity: 272%