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Callebaut White Chocolate, Raspberry & Lime Cheesecake Recipe


Cheesecake Mixture

Ingredients Preparation
200g Egg Yolks Place the Egg Yolks and Sugar into a machine bowl and whisk to a Sabayon.
405g Sugar
1Kg Philadelphia type Cream Cheese Beat the Cream Cheese till smooth and then add into the Sabayon.
9 Leaf/Leaves Gelatin Soften the Gelatin in water, heat up a small amount of the cream and dissolve the Gelatin.
Add some of the Cheesecake mix into the gelatin, then return to the main Cheesecake mix.
1Kg Callebaut - Finest Belgian White Chocolate - Recipe N° W2 Melt the White Chocolate in a bain marie.
Add the hot White Chocolate into the Cheesecake mix, all in one go, and mix well.
1 Ltr Cream Whip the Cream to soft peak and then fold in.
50g Lime Zest

Fold through some dehydrated Raspberries and the Lime Zest and pour into the ring.

Q.S. Freeze-dried Raspberries

Biscuit Base

Ingredients Preparation
500g Digestive Biscuits Blitz the Digestive Biscuits into fine crumb.
250g Butter Melt the Butter and mix through the crumb until it presses together.

Raspberry Glaze

Ingredients Preparation
100g Stock Syrup Bring the Stock Syrup to the boil.
2 Leaf/Leaves Gelatin Soften the Gelatine in cold water and then add into the Raspberry Puree.
100g Raspberry Puree

Callebaut Caramel Cheesecake Recipe


Breton Shortbread

Ingredients Preparation
60g Egg Yolks Mix all ingredients together and roll out 4mm thick.
Bake at 160°C for 20 mins.


132g Castor Sugar
168g Butter
200g Flour
2g Salt
8g Baking Soda

Caramel Cheesecake

Ingredients Preparation
160g Butter Boil all ingredients except the Lemon Juice, Gelatine and Callebaut - Finest Belgian Gold Chocolate - Gold.
Add rest of ingredients and mix well. 
160g Sugar
320g Philadelphia type cream cheese
200g Eggs
30g Lemon Juice
0.25g Vanilla
320g Gelatin Mass
180g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Gold Chocolate - Gold

Salted Caramel

Ingredients Preparation
250g Sugar Boil Cream with Salt and Glucose.
Make dry Caramel with Sugar.
Add Cream.  
Add Chocolate, Vanilla and Butter and mix well.  
250g Glucose
90g Water
100g Butter
4g Salt
0.25g Vanilla
200g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Gold Chocolate - Gold

Callebaut® Gold Glazing

Ingredients Preparation
180g Sugar Boil Sugar, Water and Glucose to 105°C.
Pour over rest of ingredients and mix well.  
Use at 40°C. 
180g Glucose
90g Water
2g IBC Gold Powder
300g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Gold Chocolate - Gold
120g Sweetened Concentrated Milk
80g Gelatin Mass
100g Mirror Glaze

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Recipe


Your customers will love this rich Callebaut inspired cheesecake. With the added hint of zesty orange that will truly please their pallets.

Ingredients Preparation
150g Digestive Biscuits Finely crush in a food processor or with a rolling pin.
75g Melted Butter Add and mix until the mixture clumps together.
Press into the base of a 23cm (9in) round springform tin and chill until needed.
350g 1Kg Callebaut - Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate - Recipe N° 811 Melt in a microwave to 45c, heating gradually and stirring every 20 second blasts.
225g Castor Sugar
400g full-fat Cream Cheese
Q.S. finely grated Orange Zest

In a separate bowl beat together until smooth.
Fold in the Chocolate and Orange Zest and stir until well combined.

Optional: once cold, glaze with a warm Sugar Syrup (dissolve together 50% Water: 50% Sugar) or Water Icing (blend together 100ml Water: 75g Granulated Sugar).

400ml smooth Double Cream

In a large bowl, whip until it just holds its shape and then fold into the Cheesecake base.

  Spoon the Cheesecake mixture on top of the chilled Biscuit base, level and chill until set – at least 3 hours. 
To serve, remove Cheesecake from tin and transfer to a serving plate or cake stand.