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Ecolab Mikro Chlor Disinfectant and Sanitiser 500g Shaker

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Mikro Chlor from Ecolab is a general purpose sanitiser, in a powder format, which can also be used for vegetable and salad washing.  Mikro Chlor can also be used to sanitise water and ice dispensers, so it really is a versatile chlorinated sanitiser with a multitude of uses! This kitchen sanitiser can be used for utensil sanitising, spray sanitising onto work surfaces and also general purpose sanitising in the kitchen. Ecolab Micro Chlor is sold in a convenient to use shaker dispenser tub containing 500g of powder sanitiser.

This chlorinated powder sanitiser is manufactured by Ecolab who are a global provider of water, hygiene and energy technologies and services to the food, energy, healthcare, industrial and hospitality markets. When organisations around the world need professional cleaning and sanitation systems support, Ecolab has the necessary resources to provide unique solutions to meet their expectations. Ecolab is ready to meet the challenge of hygiene world-wide with innovative programs and services. Each and every day in over 170 countries across the globe.
Vegetable and Salad Washing
- Prepare solution of 6g Mikro Chlor to 10 litres of cool water. Submerge vegetables and soak for 15 minutes.
- Thoroughly rinse with flowing tap water.

Utensil Sanitising
- Wash item with a neutral detergent. Rinse then sanitise in a solution of 60g Mikro Chlor per 10 litres water. Immerse all utensils for at least a minute. Rinse with tap water and allow to dry.

Spray Sanitising
(e.g. work surfaces)
- Wash area with a neutral detergent. Rinse. Dissolve 3g into 500ml spray bottle. Spray solution and wipe over surface with a clean cloth.
- Leave for one minute before rinsing and then drying.
- Discard use solution daily

General Purpose Cleaning (e.g. chopping boards)
- Sprinkle powder onto damp surface
- Scrub with a brush or clean cloth.
- Rinse and dry.

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