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Double Chocolate Cortez Package

SKU: CFW-Double Chocolate Cortez Package
List Price: £2,164.91
Online price: £1,949.00

This Commercial Package includes 2 Cortez Chocolate Fountains, 2 Bags of Sephra 2.5kg Milk Chocolate, 2 Bags of Sephra 2.5kg White Chocolate and 1 Box of 1,000 Fondue Skewers.

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Double Chocolate Cort

Double Chocolate Solution inc 2 x Cortez Chocolate Fountains
This Double Chocolate Solution inc 2 x Cortez Chocolate Fountains package is an attractive alternative to other double Chocolate Fountains on the market. It offers the flexibility of being able to use a single Chocolate Fountain at smaller events but still having a double Chocolate Fountain offering available when requested. The minimum chocolate requirements are far lower, the Cortez Chocolate Fountain only requires 2Kg of chocolate to run meaning you can run your business more efficiently and reduce wastage. You always have a backup plan with two Chocolate Fountains, completing any maintenance and servicing with a double Chocolate Fountain can leave you without.
If you are looking for a Chocolate Fountain to get your Chocolate Fountain business started this is an excellent package, and usually pays for itself in just a few events. Ideal for kiosk, cafe and small restaurant use.

Double Chocolate Cortez Package
2Cortez Chocolate Fountains
2Sephra 2.5kg Milk Chocolate
2Sephra 2.5kg White Chocolate
1Forked Skewers
Cortez Chocolate Fountain
230v / 390 Watts / 50Hz
Min Chocolate - 2Kg
Max Chocolate - 3Kg
Fountain Height - 23” / 59cm
Fountain Width - 12.4” / 31.5cm
Certifications - CE, NSF, ETL / ANSI, ROHS, EMC
Carry Cases Included
5 Year Limited Warranty
Up to a 1500 Hour Service Interval
Gross Weight – 20Kg
Box: 58cm x 51cm x 39cm
Sephra Belgian Milk Chocolate
Sugar, Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa, soya lecithin as emulsifier, natural vanilla, minimum cocoa 37.2%.
Sephra Belgian White Chocolate
Sugar, Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soya lecithin as emulsifier, vanilla extract. May contain traces of nuts and milk proteins.
Wooden Forked Skewers
Length: 5.5"
Box of 1000 Wooden Fondue Skewers
Dual-prongs to prevent food from slipping
Shipping / DIM Weight: 1.2kg

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