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Callebaut Waffles Recipe


For extra chocolatey goodness, give customers the option to upgrade their waffle by adding extra Callebaut Chocolate Callets.


1 Waffle: Bake as per instructions.
Flavour combo 1: Raspberries, flaked almonds, Vanilla Ice Cream and Callebaut White Chocolate Sauce.
Flavour combo 2: Fruits of the forest – Blueberries, cherries, Vanilla Cream and Callebaut Dark Chocolate Sauce.
Flavour combo 3: Banana, Caramel, Whipped Cream and Callebaut Dark Chocolate Sauce.
Flavour combo 4: Apple, Granola and Callebaut Milk Chocolate Sauce.


Once baked serve the Waffles and stack with the Fruit and Callebaut Chocolate Sauce.

Chocolate Sauce

Ingredients Preparation
20ml whipping cream
25g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate - Recipe N° 811
25g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate - Recipe N° 823
25g Callebaut - Finest Belgian White Chocolate - Recipe N° W2
25g Callebaut - Finest Belgian Gold Chocolate - Gold

Place into a bowl.
Heat in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds until you have a smooth, creamy chocolate sauce.

  Approximate cost to make: £1.25
Suggested selling price £5.00
Profit opportunity: 300%